What is in the UB-04 Manual?
See a sample Table of Contents.

Does the UB-04 Manual include revenue codes?
Yes, the UB-04 Manual includes revenue codes.

Can I purchase CMS-1500 forms from the NUBC website?
No. Please see the Resources page for more information on where to purchase CMS-1500 forms.


What is the current edition of the UB-04 Manual?
The current edition is the 2024 edition which will expire June 30, 2024.
To order the 2024 edition, see the Subscribe page.

When is the next edition of the UB-04 Manual Available?
The UB-04 Manual has a 12-month subscription period from June 30 through July 1. The 2025 edition became available on July 1, 2024.

How do I order the UB-04 Manual?
See the Subscribe page.

Can I pay a pro-rated price for the UB-04 Manual based on the remaining subscription period? 
No, we do not extend pro-rated pricing.

I want to order the UB-04 Manual through your online store, but I cannot register. What should I do?
Send an email to for assistance.

I ordered a multi-use license. How do my colleagues gain access to the UB-04 Manual?
Once your order has been processed, you will receive an email from with the subject line, "Important Information Regarding Accessing Your AHA Ebook on Tizra." This email will include custom, one-time-use URLs to distribute to the additional users. The number of URLs you receive is determined by the multi-user license you ordered. For example, if you ordered a 2-5 user license, you will receive 5 one-time-use redemption URLs.

Each of your additional users should receive one redemption URL. If the additional users have credentials to log on to or the AHA online store, they may use the same credentials on the Tizra website. If they do not have credentials, they will need to create a new account. To create an account, please visit the AHA's New Account Registration page. Once a new account has been created, the user should be able to log on at to access the UB-04 Manual and NUBC Minute Archive.


I have not received the UB-04 Manual I ordered. What should I do?
Customers receive an email delivery notice within three (3) days of receipt of payment and license acceptance.
The email is from with the subject line "Important Information Regarding Accessing Your AHA Ebook on Tizra." Check your spam or junk folders for the email notice.

I cannot locate the delivery email. Can you resend it to me? 
Send an email to with your order confirmation number (found on your receipt or order confirmation email). 


What software is required to view the UB-04 Manual ebook?
There is no software needed to view the UB-04 Manual ebook. 

I received an error message that I'm not an 'authorized user'. What should I do?
Send an email to

Printing & Access

Can the UB-04 Manual be printed?          
Yes, you may print up to 20 pages at a time for a total of 15 times during the licensing period. We recommend you print the pages needed from the Manual to ensure you have a hardcopy for reference and archival purposes.

I used to be able to access the PDF bookmarks. How do I do that in Tizra?
There is a sidebar navigation TOC in Tizra. When you are in the Tizra reader, click on the bulleted list icon (third from top) to access the bookmarks.


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